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Crawl Space Repair

Are you experiencing musty smells, mold, wood rot, or sagging floors? Your crawl space may need extensive repairs. Our team of crawl space repair professionals can quickly and efficiently handle your requests. Additionally, we focus on resolving present problems as well as preventing future problems. For example, after we remove water from your crawl space, we can install a dehumidifier to prevent further damage.

In most cases, problems in the crawl space can be traced back to unwanted moisture. Moisture can enter your crawl space in many ways. Therefore, you need experienced professionals to evaluate crawl space vents, walls, exposed earth, or even high humidity.

Whatever the source may be, you cannot ignore moisture in your crawl space. Long-term damage arises from water damage. Thus, it’s crucial we resolve any and all issues as quickly as possible.

Luckily, Kefficient offers a variety of services that are specially designed to keep your crawl space clean and healthy. From encapsulation to insulation, our professionals can deliver the best results at the best prices.

Contact our team at  866.952.5333 today to schedule a FREE inspection. Additionally, once we’re done with our inspection, we can provide you with a FREE estimate.

Common Crawl Space Problems