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Crawl Space Insulation

The insulation in your crawl space—or lack thereof – can play a huge role in the overall energy efficiency in your home. If your energy bill is too high then you may need crawl space insulation services.

Take Control of Your Home!

Are you being affected by outrageous utility bills in the summer and winter months? Do you notice your air conditioner or furnace running more often than they should be? If so, the problem could lie in the crawl space.

When outside air is able to come in through the floor joists in your basement, your home’s internal temperature will be affected. Additionally, you may have critters sneaking through holes in your crawl space. After all, if the air is able to get inside, who knows what else is getting in?

How Does It Work?

With spray foam insulation, many of these problems can easily be solved! Our crawl space insulation professionals will always remove any fiberglass insulation currently in your floor joist. Unfortunately, fiberglass insulation is the perfect breeding ground for pests like mice or insects. Additionally, fiberglass is extremely susceptible to mold growth.

However, we utilize spray foam insulation to replace the fiberglass. We’ll apply this waterproof, airtight sealant in open cavities around the perimeter of the home as well as within the floor joists. When we finish applying the foam, you’ll notice your energy bill going down as well as no chittering from unwanted critters.

To save money and increase your standard of living, we recommend giving us a call. As always, we offer FREE in-home inspections where a technician will come to you and assess any problems you may have in your lower level. To schedule your inspection, call us at 866.952.5333 or fill out our simple contact form.

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