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Crawl Space Waterproofing

Are you dealing with constant flooding, moldy smells, and rotting crawl space? You don’t have to watch as your crawl space erodes. At Kefficient, we provide effective solutions to leaky crawl space walls, standing water, wet gravel, or any other water-related issues in your crawl space.

How does Kefficient moisture-proof my crawl space?

If you’ve noticed water seepage on the walls, wet gravel or concrete, leaky cracks, or even standing water, then you need crawl space waterproofing.

Our professionals start every project by identifying the areas of entry. Once we determine where the water is coming from, we cover areas with vapor barriers. These barriers are held in place with powerful adhesive to provide long-lasting protection.

Once we finish insulating walls, cracks, vents, and joists, we install a humidifier to keep the air nice and dry. Without dampness, your crawl space is safe from water damage.

Is Crawl Space Waterproofing the Right Choice for Me?

Depending on the nature of your particular issue, crawl space waterproofing may or may not be the right answer for you. To determine the perfect solution, we’ll need to perform a thorough walkthrough of your property.

Our team of experts starts by inspecting the perimeter of your home. We’ll be on the lookout for missing vent covers, poor grading, broken pipes, clogged downspouts, and other concerns. We look at these issues because they are the most common causes of water-related problems in the lower level.

If these areas check out, we take the inspection to the crawl space itself. If nothing on the outside of your home is causing the problem, then the issue lies here. We determine how your problems would be best solved by a crawl space waterproofing system. Then we will present you with the best options.

To understand your water problems, you’ll need a professional! At Kefficient, we have the know-how and expertise to help you experience a healthier home. To get started, call us at 866.952.5333 or fill out our easy contact form.

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